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Customer Information Security Tips

Minnesotans lose millions to fraudulent lottery and sweepstakes scams each year. You can help to stop fraud by reporting it. There are many variations of scams. In most cases a potential victim is asked to send money to claim a prize or be entered into a drawing. Official lotteries or sweepstakes do not require you to pay money to receive winnings. Scams are not limited to the use of your computer; criminals will also use your phone and mailbox to gain your trust and take your money. Help protect yourself and others by reporting suspected scams.

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Along with the convenience and easy access to information come risks. Among them are the risks that valuable information will be lost, stolen, changed, or misused. Below are a few helpful links for learning how to keep your information safe.

Please contact the First State Bank offices at 507-357-2225 with questions or for further assistance.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

Contact bank at 507-357-2225

After hours and weekends call 1-833-337-6075